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Basic Policy for Information Security

Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo and Vanguard Tokyo G.K. (collectively, VLT) are entrusted with clients’ confidential information during the course of providing legal services to its clients. As such, VLT recognizes that providing legal services to our clients can only be accomplished through a relationship of trust between VLT and its clients. In order for VLT to maintain the trust of our clients and provide better services, we must protect this information, by treating this information as important information assets of VLT and implementing appropriate security measures to protect the same, that these information assets are protected from various threats such as loss, theft, and unauthorized use. To achieve that goal, maintaining a high awareness of security and implementing specific measures for physical, environmental, and technical security is necessary. Accordingly, VLT has hereby established its "Basic Policy for Information Security" to serve as a guideline for implementing an appropriate protection policy for VLT’s information assets.

1. Establishment of an Organizational Structure and Information Security Policies

VLT will establish the necessary management system to maintain and improve security as well as establish the necessary information security measures as official rules within the organization.

2. Commitment to Responsibility and Continuous Improvement

VLT management is committed to ensuring that VLT and its clients' information assets are properly managed by complying with the firm’s policies.

3. Compliance with Laws and Contractual Obligations

All members of VLT will comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual security obligations with clients related to information assets used in business activities.

4. Members’ Efforts

VLT members will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain and improve information security and will ensure that information security initiatives are carried out.

5. Response to Violations and Incidents

VLT has established a system for responding to any violations and information security incidents related to laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations with clients related to information security and for reducing the impact of said violations and incidents.
Date Enacted: 1 October 2021
Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo
Vanguard Tokyo LLC
Representative Partner: Akiko Yamakawa
Information Security Partner: Akira Nakazawa